Did you know September is Big Brothers Big Sisters month? This year we want to talk to you about what Mentorship Equals…

Mentorship is about connection. It’s about consistency and building healthy relationships that last. Mentorship is about helping each other learn and grow and find magic within ourselves to unlock our full potential. If you are a mentor, the rewards for you are endless. And for your mentee, the benefits are measurable. 

Now, we have the scientific research to explain both why mentorship works, and how significantly it truly does change lives.

Mentorship = Resilience 

When you mentor a young person, you’re providing a stable, healthy, committed relationship with an adult. According to the research, this type of relationship can protect a child from the effects of toxic stress experienced when living with childhood adversities. Building resilience.

Neuroscience tells us that these nurturing, caring relationships help buffer the impact of adversities on a child’s developing brain. It also tells us that resilient children and youth grow to be happier, healthier adults. So when you become a mentor, what you’re really doing is helping a child access their resilience, directly improving their life. According to the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, you’re also helping prevent negative health complications in adulthood such as depression, anxiety, violent behaviors, and substance problems.

Measurably, increased resilience means improved outcomes in each of the following categories:

1) Social Emotional Competence

2) Mental Health & Wellbeing

3) Educational Engagement & Employment Readiness.

When you become a mentor, you’re helping with each of these

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